todolist # 9 Document a project charter

In todolist #1 to # 8 we discussed about the sections of a project charter and covers;

  • Business case of the project
  • Product vision
  • The key stakeholders are identified
  • The roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders are defined
  • The constraints, assumptions and dependencies are documented
  • The flexibility matrix is defined
  • The key milestones are identified
  • The major risks are identified

Some key points to be rememberd about project charter

  • Project charter is is owned by the project sponsor or by the representative of the senior management.
  • In practice, the project manager may document the charter, and the sponsor approves it.
  • Once approved by the sponsor, all changes to it should be re-approved by the sponsor
  • Project charter gives authority to the project manager. Project charter is the only document, where the project manager's roles and responsibilities are documented and approved by the sponsor
  • Like any other artifact in a project, the project charter also can change, when the project progresses.

A project charter will ensure that, only well thought out projects, which are in true alignment to the organizational strategies, and value systems.


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