The distance between the classroom to the exam hall

The distance between the classroom and the exam hall is the most difficult part of the certification process. From my experience only 10 percentage of the participants akes it to the exam hall. 90% drops out on the way. Of the 10% who makes it to the exam hall 99% pass. Why do people drop out half way through. The reasons can be many. The following are some of the key resons for people to drop out;

  • Mismatch between what he is doing at work and what he learned in the class
  • Other priorities
  • Fear of the exam
  • Some looses interest, when it becomes within reach (not a big deal)

While there is value, many shy out of the certification benefits. Now my focus is to bridge this gap. If you have already earned your 35 contact hours and if due to some reasons you are still not a certified project manager, then we can work out a customized study plan for you and I can act as your mentor till you get certified. The customized study plan comprises of;

  • Brushing up the PMBOK knowledge
  • Approach to answering the questions
  • SAmple tests with evaluations
  • Scheduled online classes
  • Complete course material

Please get in touch with me at abrachan(at) gmail (.) com


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