todolist # 11 - Check the detailed scope statement for completeness

Dont be in a hurry to finish off the detailed scope stetement. Take enough time to ensure that the detailed scope stement reflects what the customer really wants. THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY REQUIREMENT in the detailed scope statement against which a TEST CASE cannot be written.


" The system should take care of a large number of concurrent users" - BAD requirement spec

" The system should support a maximum of 20,000 concurrent users " - GOOD requirement spec

" The building should be earthquake resistant" - BAD requirement spec

" The building should withstand an earthquake of intesity 7 and lesser on the richter scale" - GOOD requirement spec

While doing the detailed requirement specification, we may have to revise and update the high level requirements specification and the charter (both outputs of initiation phase).

A detailed requirements specification conversation between me and the architect of my new house :

Me: I want a swimming pool in my new house

Architect: Do you have a swimming pool in your present house?

Me: Yes

Architect : How many years have you been staying here?

Me : Five years

Architect : How many times did you use the swimming pool during the last five years?

Me : 10 times (max)

Arhitect : Then you dont need a swimming pool in your new house. Maintaining it can become a big head ache to you. All you need is a club membership.


Interviewing skills is very important while requirements elicitation.


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