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Plan, Do, Check & Act

Today, almost everything we do is a project. Knowingly or unknowingly we are all performing  project management. Only the scale and complexity differs. Projects can vary from organizing dinner for a small group friends  to constructing and launching the next space craft. All of us are already managing projects in one way or other. Irrespective of the size and complexity of projects, project management revolves around the Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle or the PDCA cycle by Deming. Whatever needs to be done must be planned first. The plan must be executed. Periodically the progress must be assessed and corrective actions must be taken, if there is any variance of cost and schedule. Though it looks simple, managing large and complex projects is much more sophisticated than managing simple projects.  Unfortunately, our planet need better project managers who can deliver value on time with least impact to environment. Every failed project make a dent on the stakeholders pocket and the enviro

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