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Next PMdistilled workshop announced at Bangalore

The 109th PMdistilled workshop kick started at Abu Dhabi

The 108th PMdistilled workshop completed successfully

The new PMRI web site is released

Another success story !

SCRUM at Accenture

Congratulations !

My eee pc

Successfully completed the 107th Pmdistilled program at PSI, Bangalore

Congratulations Shalu Munjal

Completed the 108th PMdistilled workshop at Muscat

Congratulations Leo

Whats up here? the 107th PMdistilled program at PSI, Bangalore

Enough reasons to Pause and Think - Thanks to Paul Thoppil

Enough reasons to Celebrate !

Today is a GREAT Day ! Congratulations Kavinda

Delivering the 106th Pmdistilled program @ Sasken, Bangalore

Feel Good Factor - Thanks a ton Dear Rao

Mr.Ajwaith PMP facilitated

Successfully completed the 105th PMdistilled program at Qatar