todolist # 15 - Take time to ensure everything is included

At this stage we have a schedule and it is very important to ensure that all activities are included in the schedule. Invest some time to ensure that actvities pertaining to the following are included in the schedule, else they will come as surprises when the project progresses;

1) HAve you included the project management related actvities?
2) HAve you included the risk management related activities?
3) Have you included the quality management related activities?
4) HAve you included the communications related activities?
5) Have you included the human resource management related activities?
6) HAve you included the purchase related activities?
7) Have you included the project integration related activities?
8) Have you included the change management related activities?

Very often we tend to include only the core engineering related activities and miss out on the management related activities. Anything and everything that consumes resources and takes time to complete should be included in the schedule. Once the schedule is prepared, the rest of the work will be carried out based on the schedule only, hence maintaining the mapping between the detailed scope, work breakdown structure and the schedule is very important.


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