todolist # 10 - Develop the detailed scope statement

At this stage we have the contract, project charter, statement of work and high level scope statement. The next step is to elaborate the high level scope into a detailed scope statement. Intorder to elaborate the high level scope into a detailed scope, we use tools and techniques such as;

Once i attended an interview for a job and someone in the interview panel asked me to explain the dephi technique. At that time I was hearing the term delphi for the first time. I said - I dont know. He was not willing to give up. The next question was;

How will you estimate a project, when you dont have the domain knowledge?

My answer - will get a team of people who have some knowledge on the domain and technology under consideration and ask them to estimate and then converge based on discussions. That is the simplest explanation of delphi technique. I got the job :-). That is excellent interviewing skills - the ability to really drill down into the knowledge and experience of the interviewee !


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