Plan, Do, Check & Act

Today, almost everything we do is a project. Knowingly or unknowingly we are all performing  project management. Only the scale and complexity differs. Projects can vary from organizing dinner for a small group friends  to constructing and launching the next space craft. All of us are already managing projects in one way or other. Irrespective of the size and complexity of projects, project management revolves around the Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle or the PDCA cycle by Deming. Whatever needs to be done must be planned first. The plan must be executed. Periodically the progress must be assessed and corrective actions must be taken, if there is any variance of cost and schedule. Though it looks simple, managing large and complex projects is much more sophisticated than managing simple projects. 

Unfortunately, our planet need better project managers who can deliver value on time with least impact to environment. Every failed project make a dent on the stakeholders pocket and the environment. The best way to prevent this is to develop better project management competency. The best step towards this is to get one of those globally accepted project management certifications which can introduce you to the fundamentals of professional project management.  

Which one is the best project management certification is next big question I had to answer several times in the past. Many like you repeatedly ask me the question 'Which certification should I pursue?'. Should I go for PMP or PRINCE2 or CSM or PSM? I say PMP with more conviction than ever before because the new version of the PMBOK Version 7 provides equal weightage for both predictive and agile project management. The one who masters it will be good at both forms of project management. Another reason is the popularity and recognition of the PMP certification globally. 

The PMP certifcation is the most popular certification among all project management certifications. The PMP certification is based on the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. 

With the right approach to preparation, it is not very difficult to gain the PMP credential. Here are the 7 modules created by me,  that will help you to master professional project management as per PMBOK very easily. This free training program  is based on these 7 modules which will take you through the natural flow of projects and will cover the PMP exam content 2021 and PMBOK Version 7.

 The first half of the training is focused on predictive project management and the second half focuses on agile, hybrid and PMP exam preparation. absolutely free of cost. We earn the rewards for these free classes through the revenue from the ads, sponsors and donations. That enables me to provide this training absolutely free. 

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be provided with the course completion certificate with 35 contact hours issues by the Project Management Research Institute. This certificate can be used to apply for your PMP certification. 

This training is delivered absolutely free and is my humble effort to groom better project managers of the future. 

Who must attend this training?

  • Anyone who want to master standards based project management 
  • Those who want to prepare for PMP certification

If you have not registered for the program yet, register now. 

It will be wonderful if you can share this with your contacts who may benefit from this free training program. 

Wish you happy and fruitful project management learning !

Abrachan (Aby) 

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