Appointing the right project manager

Project manager is ultimately responsible for the success and failure of the project, hence selection of  the right project manager becomes really critical for the success of the project. Before dwelling deep into the knowledge and skills of the right project manager, let us revisit the term 'Project Success'. 

Traditionally projects are considered as successful, if they are completed within the agreed upon schedule, met the scope within the budget. Of late, one more parameter is added that the 'Value'. A project is considered as successful, only if it has delivered the value promised during the initiation of the project. That forces the project manager to look beyond the traditional time, cost and scope. 

There may be different schools of thought here. If you complete a beautiful structure on time, within budget and as per drawings, and if t is not used by people as anticipated during the initiation phase of the project then what is the use. What is the value of a metro rail without passengers, air port without travelers. These aspects demands the project manager to think strategically also. 

Here are the abridged list of knowledge, skills and qualities of a professional project manager;

  1. Must have good knowledge of the project management performance domains.
    1. Stakeholder management
    2. Team management
    3. Development approaches and life cycle  definition and management 
    4. Planning projects (predictive, agile, hybrid) 
    5. Project work (project execution)
    6. Delivery (hand over)
    7. Measurement (Progress monitoring)
    8. Uncertainty (Risk management) 
  2. Good knowledge about models, methods and tools (technical knowledge) 
  3. Must be trustworthy. Must adhere to the professional ethics of project managers (Principles, Values) 
  4. Must have the capability tailor the processes (hybrid) for the benefit of the project
  5. Must have good knowledge about the models, methods and tools to use them at the appropriate time. 


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