Packaging projects correctly

Recently I came across the railway modernization project in U.K, which is one of the classical examples of project failures. The scope of work of this project comprised of modernization and expansion of the railway tracks and stations. That involved civil, electrical, mechanical, communication disciplines comprising of various departments working together. Unfortunately, till the project landed into trouble, it was all managed as individual projects where as ideally it should have been managed as a program. 

What is a program?

A program is a collection of interrelated projects, which when done together, provides more value than managing them individually. Programs are managed by program managers. The project managers of the individual projects which are part of the program reports to the program manager. 

For effective management of projects, large projects can be broken down into sub-projects or as multiple phases. Another aspect to be understood is Project portfolio

When it comes to agile project management, especially when multiple teams are involved, packaging the scope into sprints and aligning them with release trains is critical. 

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