Selecting the best projects

 Our fast growing city was plagued by traffic blocks like every other growing city in the world. To solve this problem, we had the following options;

  1. Improve the existing roads
  2. Improve traffic discipline 
  3. Implement toll system during peak rush hours 
  4. Promote car pooling 
  5. Go for metro rail 
  6. Water metro 
  7. Develop satellite towns 
The options were many. How to literally pick up the best projects?

For that for each of these options, one has to do the cash flow analysis and work out the financial ratios like;
  1. Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
  2. Net Present Value (NPV)
  3. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  4. Pay back period
Then decide on those projects whose BCR is the highest and the payback period is the lowest. 

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