Frequently asked questions about PMP Certification


  1. I have only 4 years experience after graduation. I have never worked as a project manager or project lead. Am I eligible for appearing for the PMP certification?. Yes. If you have around 4 years of work experience in projects after your graduation, then you qualify. It can be in the capacity of an individual contributor or as a supervisor or manager. 
  2. How many hours of preparation is required before writing the exam?. Around 40 to 50 hours of preparation, if you are following my study plan. 
  3. How much is the fees for this course?. No fees
  4. How to get a copy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge?. If you are serious about PMP certification, then the smartest way to get the PMBOK copy is to become a PMI member. 
  5. Is it mandatory that one should become a PMI member to appear for the PMP certification?. No. even PMI non members can also appear for the PMP certification. If you are a PMI member, then the exam fees is only 450 USD, else it is 550 USD. The membership fee is 129 USD, and you get access to all the material including PMBOK. In my view, if you are keen to become a PMP within the next 1 year, then it is better to become a PMI member and effectively you will be spending only 29 USD. 


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