Quick Start Guide Collabteam Version 1.0

Collabteam Version 1.0 is a light weight, easy to use agile project management tool, based on the scrum methodology. The key features of collabteam v1.0 allows you to implement level1 scrum completely. The following are key steps to get going;

Setting up the environment

1) Click on the signup link, and register yourself

2) Log in as an administrator (while logging in, ckeck on the 'log in as administrator' check box)

3) Create users (the resource pool is created against the organization)

4) Create projects

5) Allocate resources against the project and log out

Product backlog creation

1) Log in as a user

2) Create product backlog (if you are the product owner)

3) Expand product backlog to user stories. Allocate story points to the features

Sprint creation

1) Create sprint backlog and drag the respective product backlogs to the sprint.

2) Prioritize these features for production.

3) Break the sprint backlog entries into activities

4) Once the sprint creation is complete, activate the sprint.


1) The users are allowed to volunteer the work (to be done) , by going to the sprint board, and choosing the activities they want to perform. The sprint board provides the complete status of the sprint, including the burn down chart.

2) When someone volunteers for an activity, the activity moves to the 'being done' category.

3) Once an activity is completed, it moves to the 'Done' category

Defect handling

Defects are entered into the product backlog, as 'defects', which will be scheduled in the same sprint or in the subsequent sprints.

Project dash board

The project dash board provides the status of all sprints till date

In case yo face any difficulty contact us

email : team@cllabteam.com mobile : 0091 9745003819 or 0091 9895372115


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