Collabteam project management tool from PMRI

The beta version of the 'Collabteam' project management tool is available for use now. This tool is based on the agile principles, especially scrum methodology, which is one of the leading agile project management methodologies. To use the tool, one need to have a fair understanding of the SCRUM methodologies. If you know scrum, then follow these steps to get going..

1) Register yourself as an administrator
2) Login as the administrator
3) Create a project
4) Create a product backlog (feature list)
5) Create a sprint backlog
6) Create team members
7) Team members can volunteer for work

The key features of the current version collabteam are

1) Product backlog creation
2) Sprint backlog creation
3) Work volunteering
4) Sprint burn down charts
5) Sprint boards, where the entire sprint's progress can be viewed
6) Project dash board - where the snapshot of all the sprints of the project is shown

To start using the tool click here

For a demo of this tool, contact


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