Are you a project manager and a smoker?

Smoking is prohibited from Oct 2nd onwards in all public places of India. If you are caught while smoking, the fine is Rs.200. Why?. Last year 900,000 Indians died due to diseases from smoking. I personally see this as a great opportunity for all smokers to quit smoking. If you are a project manager in India, you are violating the professional responsibility of the project manager (violating the rules of the country, not being socially responsible), if you violate this rule. So quit smoking.


Anonymous said…
In India, only thing that matters is connection and better if you speak the same native tongue.

Like if both the people speak the same tongue, he or she is definitely going to be promoted. No matter what - smoking or no-smoking.

I am in IT and in my company which is in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India over 90% PM smoke and drink. Some even drink while in office (not in office hours, but they are in the office) But they will be there. Never mind.
I understand what your view. Personally I am a smoker and have almost quit smoking. Apart from the heal hazards related to smoking, smoking is getting more and more socially unacceptable. Even when you stand in a smoking zone within an international airport, lot of people look down upon you. The new law of prohibiting smoking in public places protects the rights of the passive smoker, who is at the mercy of smokers these days.

Informal groups based on common interests (may be smoking) are bound to exist. The only alternative is to create informal groups of anti-smokers :-). Again this has tinges of organizational politics. I recollect the words of wisdom from one of the professors who has specialized in organizational politics to me "Aby, if two sides A and B are playing politics, you have only three choices, either join side 'A', Or 'B' or create side 'C'. Create an informal group of anti-smokers :-). Good luck

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