#1 PMBOK V4 Vs V3

Very often during training, I get this question these days;"If I prepare for the exam based on PMBOK V3, and write the current exam, will I pass?". Yes, still you can pass. For that matter, even if you prepare based on V2, still you may pass, as the crux of the body of knowledge have not changed much, and it cannot change as well. The key changes are in the structuring of the document, and it there are some deletions and additions to improve clarity. For the benefit of all, who is looking forward to bridge the gap between V3 and V4, quickly, I am planning a series of posts in this blog. Hope it will benefit some one, some where.

Here we go!

PMBOK v3 had 44 processes, where as PMBOK v4 has only 42 processes.

The 9 knowledge areas remain the same as;

Integration management
Time management
Cost management
Scope management
Quality management
Risk management
Human resource management
Communications management
Procurement management

The process groups remain the same as;

Monitoring and controlling

Under Initiation, as per V3, we had two processes;
Develop project charter
Define high level scope

In V4, this is changed to;
Develop project charter
Identify stakeholders


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